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Price Calculator in South African Rand


Below you will find a custom built calculator that has been created to give you an estimated price of what your website will cost.

How many pages would you want for your website?

Do you want a custom design or a template?

Responsive Design?

Fits your site automatically for mobiles and tablets.

Ecommerce Driven

Having a Online Store on your website

Extra Website Features

Pimp my site with some extra touches:
A Stylish Home Image Slider
Multi Language
A cool Live Chat Function
Add a blog to my site
I feel Social Media would be great for my site (Helps to promote blog posts too!)
Some Google Analytic Reports (What is Google Analytics?)
(Feel free to contact me incase you would like any specific functions that are not listed)

Search Engine Optimization (Basic SEO)

This will include the following below :
Keywords Analysis
Semantic Strategy
On-Page Optimization
Content Revision
Schema Markup
Monthly Reports
I would love to have some SEO applied to my website!
(More details will be provided when adding SEO option to your website)


I would like to add monthly support for my website:
Level 1 - 1x update / month [450 ZAR / month]
Level 2 - 2x updates / month [525 ZAR / month]
Level 3 - 3x updates / month [600 ZAR / month]
Level 4 - 4x updates / month [675 ZAR / month]
Level 5 - Unlimited updates / month [900 ZAR / month]
(More details will be provided when adding monthly maintenance package option fot your website)

Estimated Price - ZAR



How Much Should a website cost?

A simple custom-designed websites (1-10 pages): R 18,000 - R 26,500 / 1,350 usd - 2,000 usd.
ex. Creation of a custom website from scratch : Complex sites (10+ pages or sites with lots of programming): R 90,000 - R 267,000 / 6,800 usd - 20,000 usd.
ex. A custom social media site or web application : Just for reference - your typical small business site generally costs between R 26,500 - R 80,000 / 2,000 usd - 6,000 usd.

Can I get a custom site for less than R 13,000 / 1,000 usd?

Yes, but you probably won’t like what you’re getting. Around the lowest price you’ll find for an entire custom website will be R 5,000 - R 6,500, which will almost certainly come from overseas (very frequently from India and Pakistan). These websites are notoriously of very low quality, and likely will do little to help your business succeed as they will just build a quick website for the money and not focusing on making a online business succeed. Online marketing in the U.S. is an incredibly difficult discipline, even when your first language is English – imagine how hard it can be with a language barrier! If you’re looking to actually make money online, you’ll need a higher quality site/product.

For a reasonably high-quality site from a U.S. firm, the minimum price is usually something like R 53,500 / 4,000 usd. With any eCommerce functionality, most firms charge at least R 80,000 / 6,000 usd.

What if I would like to pay by an hourly rate?

International work: R 65,00 - R 530,00 / 5,00 usd - 40,00 usd.
Freelance: R 400,00 - R 1200,00 / 30,00 usd - 90,00 usd (usually).
Professional: R 600,00 - R 1600,00 / 45,00 usd - 120,00 usd.

Pay-by-the-hour is not particularly uncommon with freelancers, but if you’re working on a big project – be careful. Your cost can quickly get out of hand if your designer or developer hits a roadblock (or simply decides to exaggerate the number of hours he or she has spent on the project). Attempt to avoid an hourly rate if you can. Nearly all projects can be quantified with a flat rate to some extent. If not, make sure you have a bona fide contract in place that limits the number of hours you can be charged.

Other website costs

Web hosting: R 50,00 - R 650,00 / 4,00 usd - 50,00 usd a month.

Your hosting fee is the way that you pay “rent” to house your website on the internet which is the server for your website. For simple websites, you shouldn’t need more than 1GB of space per year and 3-10 GB of bandwidth. As you begin to grow, you’ll want to expand your hosting, but unless you’re hosting large image files or streaming videos, that likely won’t be necessary soon unless that is the main aiming point of your website.

Nearly all web design and development firms will work with your existing hosting provider (if you have one), so don’t feel as though you’re required to switch every time you need a redesign or redevelopment of your website.

Domain registration: R 90,00 - R180 ,00 / 7,00 usd - 14,00 usd a year

Web hosting: R 50,00 - R 660,00 / 4,00 usd - 50,00 usd a month.

Your annual domain registration fee renews your exclusive right to the use of your domain name. You can register a domain on your own or through your web design / development firm. Warning: If your web design / development firm is registering your domain name for you, and you’re not sure if they’re trustworthy, make sure that they register the domain in your name, not theirs. If the domain is registered with their business name, some domain providers consider them as the actual rightful owner of the domain – which means if you ever need to switch web design firms, you’ll be unable to do so without going through the firm.

But you will know if you can trust the person that you are working with that will be building your online project and that will be reliable for the project / projects. Sleazy firms will require a “transfer payment” to give over control of the domain, sometimes AED 1,800 / 500,00 usd or more. Make sure you never get into that position!


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